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Pet Boarding Services
In addition to all of our regular complimentary services, we do offer a few additional services to really pamper your kitty while they stay with us.

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Warmer: $2.00/ per night
Snuggle Safe is a specially designed round disc that is gently warmed in the microwave and then tucked into soft bedding and added to your cat's bed at nighttime. Great for older or arthritic cats.
Digital Photos: $4.00
Have 3-4 digital photos of your cats visit sent directly to your email address.
Facebook Photos--Free! We upload photos of our feline guests to our Facebook Fan Page--see all of our guests photos there for free.
Coat Care: $3.00/per 5 minute session
For our customers whose owners would like them to have extra brushing & combing time
Extra Lap Time $3.00/per 5 minute session
For those who would like their cat to get in some extra lap/petting time.
Extra Playtime: $3.00/per 5 minute session
Would you like your cat to get in some extra playtime everyday? This is for you--we'll throw balls, twirl string and tease them with the feather toys to give them that extra bit of exercise and attention.
Fresh Cat Grass: $5.00/per visit
Notify us before your visit and we will make sure to have a container of fresh organic cat grass to put in their room with them while they visit. Many cats really love the fresh cat grass.
The Cat's Cottage Inn - 27197 170th St., New Richland, Minnesota - 507-463-2287