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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I come for a Tour?
Yes! We welcome and encourage you to come for a tour prior to boarding. We want you to see first hand what a pleasurable experience staying at the Cat's Cottage Inn will be for your cat—and you! Taking a tour you can see our beautiful facility first hand and ask questions to put you at ease while your cat is vacationing with u

Do you allow bedding from home?
Only if it is freshly washed before you bring it. We have plenty of quilts, blankets and beds here for our quests during their stay. No large plush toys from home are allowed.

We have had many people smile and comment that their cat is staying in a nicer place than they are! We are always grateful for wonderful comments like this!

Do you provide dry food?
Yes, we have about six different varieties of premium food that we carry, however, most people choose to bring their own food from home.

Do you provide wet food?
No. Since there is such a large variety of wet food available, we ask that you bring your cats own variety along with you. Please bring a plastic cover with their name on it, and label all of their food with your cat's name, along with instructions on how to feed and how frequently.

My cat is on medication- can you give it to them?
If your cat is cooperative most of the time we can. You should call us to discuss their needs prior to bringing them so we can give you an honest evaluation of if we can meet their needs or not. Please label all medications with your cat's name, dosage amounts and frequency.

How much time does it take to check-in when I come to drop off my cat?
Please allow about 10-20 minutes. Please have the name and phone number of your veterinarian along with your cat's current (within the last 12 months) veterinarian administered vaccinations.

Please also have any other phone numbers of where you are staying or cell phone numbers with you for our records.

Do you let the cats out of their rooms during the day?
Absolutely! Cats are let out at least twice a day to do as they please—roam around, sit by the sun room windows, climb on cat towers, play with the many cat toys we have on hand, or rock with us in the rocking chair. Only cats from the same cat family are allowed out of their room at the same time.

Why aren't you open all day?
This is a small family-owned and run facility. We work here every day. We are open 6 days a week.

With this arrangement you get consistent one-on-one care for your cat.

We need time off during the day, free of people coming and going all the time to get other tasks done - such as cleaning rooms after a cat leaves and getting it ready for the next cat. There are loads and loads of laundry to be done, litter boxes cleaned, floor swept and mopped daily. Rooms cleaned daily.

We have cats that want and need attention, brushing, playtime and lap time!

We have phones to answer and emails to reply to.

We need time to conduct our own personal errands and appointments and possibly have a little time with our own family - children & grandchildren.

We ask that everyone please make themselves aware of the hours we are open by appointment.

Thank you!


The Cat's Cottage Inn - 27197 170th St., New Richland, Minnesota - 507-463-2287