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Our Rooms
Window Suites:
Very comfortable for 1 or 2 cats. Large sleeping area by window & perches on the wall.

Corner Window Suites:
Large family rooms suitable for 2-5 cats– very spacious. Includes chair & multiple sleeping areas.

Interior Rooms:
A little smaller than the window rooms. They are still much bigger than you will find in other facilities– and your cat will be able to see out of a window across the hallway.

Window Suites - There is a minimum stay (or charge) of 3 days.

Days 1-15
Days 16-22
Days 23-30
Long Term 31+ Long Term Boarding**
1st Cat
2nd Cat
$7.40/day **Please see information below
3rd Cat
$5.50/day **Please see information below
~ *Rates for 2nd and 3+ cats apply only when cats from the same family share a room.
~ Rates start the day you bring your cat, regardless of the time.
~ No charge for the day if you pick-up kitty by 10:00 a.m.


Interior Rooms $15.75/day for one cat &
$9.50/day for 2nd cat from same family sharing the room
~ Most Interior rooms have a view from the window across the hallway.
~ We recommend short stays of 14 or less days for these rooms, and housemates that get along well with each other.


**Long Term Boarding: $12.00/day for one cat.
Long Term Boarding is considered 31 or more consecutive days. If you are boarding 1-30 days you will pay the regular rates listed above. This is a "Step-Down" rate - the longer you are here, the less you pay.

If you are boarding 31+ days, you will pay $12.00/day from the first day to the end of your cat's visit.

***Boarding more than one cat Long Term?? Call us to talk over your needs and get a price quote


Rates include:
~ Premium dry food, litter, litter pan, feeding dishes, bedding.
~ Catnip and Daily attention
~ Daily playtime/exercise/bird watching in the sunroom.
~ Any wet/canned food or prescription food must be supplied by owner.

If the room you want is not available for your whole stay, and you want to change rooms during the visit, there is a one time $5.00 charge to move your cat(s) to a different room.

**We NEVER mix cats from different families in a room or in the sunroom.
Cats never come into direct contact with another cat here.

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, approved Check and Credit Card

If you pay by credit card, additional fees will be added to your charge to help us cover fees charged to us by your credit card company. Please inquire.

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for first-time customers

A Personal Note:
We know that your cat is a very important part of your family, and that you want the absolute best for them. At the Cat's Cottage Inn, we love cats—and we will give your cat the attention, care and love it needs while you are away.

We built this Inn, because we wanted to give cat owners a really nice place to bring their cats when they are away on business or vacation. Cat owners can bring their cats to us, and not have to feel stressed about leaving their beloved family cat for a few days or weeks. Your cat can stay with us and have a pampered vacation too!

This Inn is Just for Cats boarding your cat in a facility that also boards dogs can be very stressful for your cat—the loud barking, and the scent of dogs is just too much stress for most cats. Our Inn is very much "The Cats Meow".

Don't leave your cat home alone!!! Cats only love being at home when you're there!

Cats like being around people and having interaction with them throughout the day. Have you ever noticed how your cat likes to "snuggle up" to you when you are working at your computer, sit down to read or watch TV? Cats really do like to have people around them, and we provide that home atmosphere and socialization when you travel.

Built specifically for cats, their comfort and enjoyment - we have 20 windows for sunbathing,
bird watching and just watching outside activities.

Cat Toys - laser beams, string, feathers, balls and cat climbing towers for playtime. Lots and lots of soft bedding for those all important naps!

We want cat owners to have peace of mind that their cat is safe, secure and receiving attention
throughout the day
while they are in our care and vacationing with us.


The Cat's Cottage Inn - 27197 170th St., New Richland, Minnesota - 507-463-2287