Vacation Lodging/Boarding Just for Cats


Our favorite thing and biggest compliment we get is when our human customers say to us: 

"I didn't worry at all about my cat while I was gone, because I knew they were getting such good care".

Don't leave your cat home alone!

Cat's only love being at home when you're there!

Cat's Cottage Inn

We know that your cat is a very important part of your family, and that you want the best care for them while you are away.

Well, we love cats - and we will give them the love and attention they need while they are in our care. 

Specifically Cat's Cottage Inn is ONLY for cats - boarding your cat in a facility that also boards dogs can be very stressful for your cat - the loud barking, and the scent of dogs is just too much stress for most cats. 

We first opened our doors in October 2005    The Inn is located right on our country acreage.

Features of  our Cat Boarding Vacation Inn include:  

  • We provide human interaction throughout the day.
  • Home like atmosphere
  • Windows - lots of windows! (20 of them!)
  • Views of trees, lawn, flowers and rabbits.
  • Bird feeders for hours of entertainment.
  • A Playroom/Sunroom with climbing towers and other interactive toys.
  • Toys - laser beams, string, feathers to play with.
  • Each cat has their own private room
  • Warm, safe, private bed in each room to provide a quiet place for those all important cat naps!