Business Hours

We are here for feline guests 7 days a week, we are open to their people for arrivals and departures by a pre-arranged APPOINTMENT time  during the following hours:

                Monday - Friday:   9:00-11:00AM   &   3:00 - 5:30  PM


                    Saturday                 9:00 - 11:00 AM   

                   Sunday:                     Closed - we will sometimes take a Sunday appointment

if it fits our personal schedule to do so that day -it must be prearranged. Thank you for your  understanding !

If you have concerns or questions about our available hours, please call us to discuss your situation - and we will do our best to work with you.


We are a small family run facility and are here for our feline guests long hours each day, and we are open only during certain hours so that we can get all of the cleaning, laundry, emails answered, etc., done before the next guests arrive!! (and have time to schedule our own appointments, errands and personal time).

We do our best to keep our feline and humans happy, and to try and maintain a healthy balance in our own personal lives. - we ask for your understanding and respect of our own personal time during the times we are closed.  Thank you!

We are closed to humans on the following major Holidays:

Easter        4th of July     Thanksgiving     Christmas

Boarding Information

Cat's Only!

It is quiet and relaxing .

No barking, or scent of dogs!

Cat's Cottage Inn

​Vacation Lodging/Boarding Just for Cats


Room Availability

We reserve rooms on a first come, first serve policy. We recommend you reserve as soon as you know your travel dates. Many people plan their visit weeks or months in advance.


During peak boarding times of:   May 15 - September 15, Thanksgiving week and December 15 - January 15, you may be asked to pay a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost at the time the reservation is made.

Our reservation policies allow us to give everyone accurate room availability when they inquire.

During non-peak boarding times: (all other dates, except those listed above)  A deposit of 25% may be required at the time the reservation is made. 

Reservations must be made prior to boarding. Walk-ins will not be accepted.

Long Term Boarding - is considered 31+ days in a row. We have reduced rates for Long Term Boarding. (See rate page)  Please contact us to set up a payment schedule. A deposit  is required when making the reservation.

Boarding Charges

Charges begin on arrival day and end on pick- up day. If you pick-up your cat your cat by 10:00 AM, you will not incur a charge for that day. You must tell us this when making your reservation.

Early pick-up

We reserve your cat's room for the period you request. If you pick your cat up early, you will be issued a credit on your account for your next visit.

Extending your stay

If you need to extend your stay from your original reservation, please be aware that we cannot always do that - especially during summer and holiday times. Sometimes the rooms are fully booked, and we would have no where to put your cat for any more days than you told us when you reserved the room.


We require Rabies and FVRCP (Distemper combo) vaccinations. FeLuk if your cat goes outside, (or a negative FeLuk test prior to boarding with us). You must provide a veterinary certificate as proof of vaccination, and it must be current within the last 12 months. You can bring the certificate with you, or have your Vet e-mail us a copy.

Please give vaccinations at least 48 hours prior to boarding. 


Please call us prior to boarding to discuss any medication your cat is on. We are usually willing to administer medication IF your cat is cooperative - but please call us first to discuss. Charges for Oral pilling are $1.00 per administration. Adding medication to wet and/or dry food is $1.00 per day.  All medications must be in original containers from your veterinarian with dosages - we will follow the dosage as listed on the original bottle. 

Cats that have a medical condition will need "a note" from your veterinarian stating that boarding your cat will not compromise his/her health. 

Special medical need cats: 

We do not board cats that are diabetic or require subcutaneous fluids.

Cats with medical conditions may be stressed when away from home, and this can complicate their medical condition. 

Veterinary Services

In the  event your cat would need Veterinary services while they are with us, we have a highly qualified Veterinary office only 15 minutes away.

Veterinary services will be added to your boarding bill exactly as they are invoiced to us from the Vet. We charge a nominal fee of $30.00 per trip to transport your cat to and from the clinic.


We recommend you bring your own food from home, to lessen any upset to your cat.

If you do not bring your own food, we serve a premium dry food while they stay with us.

We do not provide any wet food, you must bring your own.


Not Allowed!!

Upon arrival we do a pre-entry check for any sign of fleas. If during check-in or at a later time we see any evidence of fleas or flea dirt on your cat, they will be immediately

treated with a topical flea preventative.

If fleas are found, you could be denied boarding that day or in the future, and a substantial cost of $50.00+ per cat to treat your cat.

Please be pro-active and make sure your cat is free of fleas. If you want to fully protect your cat, treat them at least 48 hours prior to boarding with us. Use a quality flea preventative such as Advantage, Frontline or Revolution.

What to bring from home

  • Your cat's food
  • Veterinary records showing vaccinations within the last 12 months
  • Optional: brushes, toys, blankets, etc. All bedding to be fresh & laundered.

We prefer to use our own stainless steel dishes, as they are sanitary and will not break on our tile floors. 

Cat Facts

  • All cats must be spayed or neutered (unless to young yet)
  • We accept baby kittens if they are eating solid food and on their own using litter box

Air quality

Our air exchange and ventilation system changes out the air in all areas and in individual rooms frequently throughout the day, introducing fresh air from the outside.  This is the reason we have no "cat/litter box smell" in our facility.

We heat with radiant floor heat - it is great to keep cat paws warm in the winter.

We are fully air conditioned in hot months.

Windows are opened a safe amount during nice days - so we all can enjoy fresh air!!


We have a double door entry system, so that our guests are always safely enclosed in the boarding area.

Please arrive with your cat in a carrier or on a leash. Clients are responsible for getting their cats safely from their car into our facility.


We are happy to give you a facility tour prior to boarding your cat with us. We set up all tours at a time convenient to you and us. No tours before 9:00 AM - the cats that are staying with us need to get their breakfast, rooms cleaned,  and cared for first.