Cat's Cottage Inn​

Menu of Services

Our country setting gives the cats wonderful views of birds, trees, rabbits. We have bird feeders surrounding the Inn for your cats enjoyment.

Vacation Lodging/Boarding Just for Cats


Cat Taxi

If you are unable or too tired or too busy to bring/ take home your cat to the Inn, we can probably help with that.

This must be planned in advance, we will do it when our schedule allows. Generally limited to within about a 30 mile radius of the Inn. 

Rates are currently .55 cents per mile. You must pay for a round trip. 

In addition to our regular complimentary services, we offer a few additional services to really pamper your kitty while they stay with us. 

COAT CARE:               $4.00/per 5 minute session.

                                               For those pet parents who want to spoil kitty with a good brushing.

EXTRA LAP TIME:      $4.00/per 5 minute session.

                                                 We sit in the big rocking chair in the sunroom - we rock and pet and spoil!

EXTRA PLAY TIME:   $4.00/per 5 minute session.

                                                Does your cat want or need extra playtime? Most cats enjoy interactive play with string, balls, lasers,

                                                 feathers, etc. 

DIGITAL PHOTOS:    $4.00. Have 3-4 digital photos of their visit sent directly to your email address.


BED WARMER             $2.00/per night. This is a specially designed warmer to be tucked into bedding - stays warm for

                                                12 hours. Great for older or arthritic cats!

FRESH CAT GRASS  $5.50   Fresh, fragrant wheat grass for your cat to enjoy during their visit. 

                                                We need at least 8 days notice prior to arrival to get the grass growing!