​We are closer than you think!

Conveniently located just 10 minutes off of I-35 and 20 minutes from I-90.

Cat's Cottage Inn

27197 170th Street

New Richland, Minnesota 56072


Large Corner/Suite Window Rooms

The corner rooms are approximately 7' x 7'. 

These also have a large sleeping shelf across the length of the room by the window. Very spacious, 2-3 additional perches on the walls.

Great for families of 2-5 cats.

Window Rooms

Window rooms are 6' x 4'.    Large sleeping area across length of room by window.

Smaller perches on walls for jumping and sitting. 

Very comfortable for 1-2 cats.

We also have two rooms that are 7' x 4' - these two rooms have windows that look into the sunroom / playroom area. 

Rates Include:

  • Dry Food (if you don't supply your own)
  • Litter and Litter Box
  • Light brushing
  • Daily playtime in the sunroom/playrom
  • Bird watching!
  • Catnip and Daily Attention

We encourage you to bring your own dry food, so there is no sudden upset to your cats diet.

All wet food must be supplied by customer.

We gladly cater to special dietary routines & needs.

Rates/ 1 cat in a Window Room:

Days 1-15          $21.00/day*

Days 16-30       $16.79/day*

Charges are at a "tiered" rate. 

 Cost example: If you are  boarding for 20 days: $21.00 for

first 15 days, then the next 5 days at ​$16.79/day.

Rates/2 cats (same family) 

sharing a Window room:

Days 1-15         $30.00/day*

Days 16-30      $24.00/day*

3rd Cat               $6.00 each/day

Charges are at a "tiered' rate. (see above for explanation)

*Minnesota requires us to charge Sales Tax.

Rooms and Rates ​and Long Term Boarding Info

We accept all major credit cards

Minnesota Sales Tax is added to all transactions.

Cat's Cottage Inn                 Vacation Lodging/Boarding Just for Cats


Interior Rooms

$17.50/day for 1 cat

$24.00/day for 2 cats from same family sharing the room.

​We have two different sizes of interior rooms:  4 ft x 4 ft and 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft.

 These rooms are best for a single cat, but can be used for 2 cats from same family who get along well.

We recommend that the maximum length of stay for these rooms is 2 weeks or less. 

Four of the interior rooms have a view out of the window across the hallway. 

Discounts are offered for:

Long Term Boarding - 31+ consecutive days in a row. 

$14.75 per day for one cat  

$23.00 per day for two cats sharing a room   

Minnesota Sales Tax applies to all transactions.

All long term boarding is evaluated on an individual basis. We usually recommend 2-3 months as a maximum.

Payment terms available  - please call to inquire.